Missions: A Tour of Roses



                    Bethlehem / Jerusalem 2016






The Israel 2016 project took almost two years to pray through, plan, and put together. It was the single most challenging project A Tour of Roses has ever taken on—up to this point. There were 17 of us on the team from different corners of country, culture, and even the world. The central issue I felt the Lord placed on my heart was unity. In fact, I felt that if we couldn’t do this project together we shouldn’t do it all. I believe the unity we experienced on this trip was a special gift from the Lord to us as we pressed in through prayer and confession with one another. And once again through all the prayers of so many of you the Lord made what seemed utterly impossible—possible. For those of you who are interested in reading the full report Click Here.

                                         —Sally Klein O'Connor