Missions: A Tour of Roses



                    Brussels 2017






Brussels was perhaps the single most difficult project yet. I was blessed to connect with 3 different organizations who helped me plan the project: Serve the City, The Well, and Operation Mobilization, as well as find housing with YWAW. 11 people on the team, some new faces and many old faces. We were especially blessed to have American missionary, Jennifer Rowland join us, escorting us around town and helping us make all our connections. Some of the more profound moments happened while worshiping and giving out roses in the Red Light District, Maalbeek station (where the bombing happened in March 2016), and the EU. God touched every person on the team and challenged many of us during this trip. I cannot thank you enough for all your prayers!! For those who are interested in reading further...  Click here.

                                         —Sally Klein O'Connor