Budapest 2015



A Tour of Roses Budapest was one of our more spiritually challenging projects. We arrived at the peak of the Hungarian summer, including the hottest day of the year, with temperatures and humidity all the way up for that area. We set out from Los Angeles International on July 22nd, and returned to the States August 3rd.

The challenges were many and varied on this trip; how to keep a couple thousand roses cool with a portable a/c unit in our hotel suite, how to transport those same roses in buckets to each location using only taxis and public transport, and how to navigate the many physical issues that touched every one of the seven people on the team. Despite these tests and trials—or maybe because of them—there was a deeper unity on the team between those very young (Emily was 18) and those much older (Marlys was 76).

We are thankful to Jews for Jesus in Budapest for hosting the final concert for A Tour of Roses. We enjoyed our fellowship with everyone we met on the campaign. We experienced incredible moments of beauty, like the one pictured here at the Holocaust Memorial by the Danube River remembering 20,000 Jewish people who were shot and pushed into the river. The shoes are a silent tribute. We showered them with the last of our rose petals and worshiped there… For the complete report on 2015 ATOR Budapest please click this link.