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When we met in a songwriting class in November 1982 all we wanted was "to write songs that make a difference in people's lives." Over the years God has granted this great desire of our hearts many times over. Early on we assumed we would find a record company to produce and distribute our music. When this failed to materialize and the costs in producing demos began to interfere with things like eating and paying bills, we decided to quit our dream and become "responsible" citizens.

So we gave our music to God. We told Him if anything was ever going to happen with our songs He would have to do it because we needed to go out and get jobs. The doors to the record companies never opened. But soon after placing our music on the altar God opened a new door: Improbable People Ministries. He not only sent us a very clear call to ministry, He sent us the resources to produce the six albums you see below under the banner of "Dusty Records."

We encourage you to browse the "aisles" of our music. Song clips and lyrics have been added. Song titles, reviews, synopsis can all be found by clicking one of the covers below.

—Michael & Sally O'Connor


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