1.  MAKE ME A WINDOW (3:12)

Make me a window
Catching Your glory
One of the pages
Telling Your story

Make me a wonder
A sign of Your kindness
A living reminder
You heal our blindness

Like a candle at midnight
Or a city lit up
All eyes are drawn to the view
Let Your love shine brightly
So people see clearly
The radiance in me is You

Make me Your mercy
For all who are broken
Cold cup of water
A word fitly spoken

A bush in the desert
Blazing with fire
A witness of splendor
And Heaven’s desire

Like a field of flowers
Caught in the moonlight
There’s a beauty that pierces us through
It’s part of the picture
A piece of the puzzle
Of longing that leads us to You

2.  AT THE TABLE (3:27)

At the table
Drinking tea and telling stories
Sharing all the bits of glory I have known
At the table
You were patient you were kind
You showed me love I couldn’t find out on my own

(If) Life flows from the wounds in His hands and feet
Love grows when we reach out to those who need

At the table
Somewhere between the spoon and cup
There was a space just wide enough for hope to grow
At the table
When I thought I’d reached an end
You showed me how to start again and now I know


For a moment in time
I taste the will of my Father
As love pours like wine
And I share my cup with another
As it is in heaven
Let it be done here on earth

At the table
There were times of laughter and of tears
Moments I felt God draw near to me
At the table
I could almost see His face
Touch His hand and take the grace He offered me


3.  CLAY (4:57) Listen to Clay |

Here am I on Your wheel
Helpless now to conceal
Every crack and every scar
Every flaw that marked or marred

Slowly now pump the wheel
Touch me with hands that heal
Press me in and draw me out
Pull me from this shape of doubt

Touch me with Your mercy Master
Conform me to Your skill
Mold me to Your making faster
I’ll remain on this wheel until
I am a vessel of Your will

I am clay from my birth
Passing shadow on the earth
Hardened from the ways I walked in
Wounded by the sin I’m locked in

I feel tears on my skin
Melting me from within
Roll this heart of stone away
Make me flesh and blood today


High and lifted up You are
Exalted with praise
For there is no other Name
Under heaven that saves


4. JUDAS SONG (3.32)

Would I betray You with a kiss
For thirty pieces sell my soul to sin
Is Judas just a page from history
Or does he live inside my skin

What would make me say I don’t know You
An angry crowd the smell of death
So many times I’ve denied You
Served another who stroked my flesh

Lord, I call/fall upon Your grace
Give me strength to run this race
Let Your Presence go before me
Then I will know I am Yours
Not mine alone
Bought with blood so much stronger than my own

All the whispers of the world
Sing surrender to my soul
They paint my eyes with pictures
Of pleasures to unfold

Lord You know my frame is made of dust
My heart is quick to run away
And all my good intentions
Fade like dew before midday



What can wash away my sin
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Oh precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

For my pardon this I see
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
For my cleansing this my plea
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


Nothing can for sin atone
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Naught of good that I have done
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


This is all my hope and peace
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
This is all my righteousness
Nothing but the blood of Jesus



In a way I felled the tree
That my Lord died on
In a way I built the cross
On which He hung

For His part he laid an ax
To the prison that Satan built for me
And He became a strong tower
Where I live safe and free

In a way I forged the nails
They drove right through Him
And I sharpened up the blade
That pierced His side

He refines me as silver and gold
To reflect His glory without veils
Gives to me the sword of the Word
The sword that never fails

Jesus my Savior
Jesus my King
Jesus my Champion
How could I not sing of You?
How could I not sing?

In a circle round His head
Were thorns I placed there
And I helped to carve the stone
Where He was laid

With His own hands He set on me
Me a sinner a crown of stars instead
Leaving His tomb He saw to it
That death itself was dead


7. WITH JUST A WORD (3:41)

When the storms assail me
There’s darkness in the day
The waves rise above me
And I don’t know how to pray

I cry out to heaven
My Maker and my Friend
From the height of glory
He comes to me again

With just a word the waves are stilled
The silence grows strong and sweet
Peace rolls down like a river over me
As I fall at Your feet
I fall at Your feet

Why do You bend to touch
And wipe away each tear
Why do You care so much
For this frame of dust and fear

I was lost without You
Wandering within
Longing for a Savior
Hope beyond this skin


8. LORD LIVE IN ME (3:06) Listen to Lord Live In Me |

Lord live in me
Lord live in me
The only way I will ever be free
Is if You live in me

Make my life a fragrance
Of Your life in mine
A pure and wondrous perfume poured
A sweet and holy wine


Teach my heart to see You
My lips to sing Your praise
Without Your life inside of me
I perish all my days


9. UNTIL (4:05)

Until I know Your Name better than my own
Until Your ways become my ways
Until Your words occupy my every thought
And my heart is filled with praise

Make my life an offering
A sweet incense burning
The length of my days
Let Your love consume mine
Your goodness and mercy
Turn my water to wine

Until Your breath is a fire in my bones
And Your voice has filled my soul
Until the works of my hand are all by grace
And Your love has made me whole


I want to know You
Behold You
In Your glory and Your power
With every breath I take
Every step I make
Let Your will be done
Your Kingdom come

Until I see Your face when I see my own
And streams of life pour out of me
Until this earth is no longer my home
And the Truth has set me free


10. A SAVIOR IS BORN (3:27)

In the darkness before morn
The Light of the world was born
In a broken battered barn
The Father revealed His heart

And while the world lay sleeping
In blankets and dreams
Shepherds saw
What wise men had foreseen

Glory to God in the highest
Rejoice my friend(s)
Good will toward all men/God’s mercy descends
A Savior is born/The Lord of Love has come
In Bethlehem/For the hearts of men

As seasons come and go
Sometimes I feel empty and old
Then Your whisper comes to me
The Spirit will set you free

My heart becomes a stable
Hallowed dark and worn
When I bend my knees
I look up to see
Love is born


11. ARISE (3:42)

Plant me like a tree
To showcase Your splendor
Let my eyes look out and see
You restore the land

Make me a trumpet
Sounding Your Name
That all who wandered far away
Will come back and say

For Your light has come
The glory of the Holy One/Risen Son

Where there was ruin now there’s rebuilding
Love is a seed that never fails
Where there was night now there’s a morning
Hope comes alive when Love prevails

No more will we trim our lamps with sorrow
Joy will be the banner we display
Every sadness every tear
All the doubt all the fear
Will melt away as dawn announces the day


All those who walked alone in darkness
Suddenly see a wondrous sight
All those who lived in shame and shadow
Lift up their heads and see Your light

You will turn our mourning to dancing
We will be a people of praise
The sun will never set
The moon will not fade
And God will be our dwelling
To the end of days



Buoy like a church bell
Summoning me here today
Where oceans sing Your praises
And bow in waves before Your Name

All the earth bears witness
Day and night it speaks
Maker Creator
Sovereign Savior of the world

Who am I to question
What I cannot understand
There is no one like You
Unseen by the eyes of man

The fruit of Your Word spoken
Holds the universe in place
Maker Creator
Sovereign Savior of the world

Though I climb the highest mountain
Or dive beneath the sea
In my finest moment ever
In my darkest night and deed
I will never comprehend You
Or Your mercies to me

Who am I that matters
That I do to You bends me
Kingdoms come and go
But Your love is sustaining me

If my voice dries up within me
My heart will not be still
Maker Creator
Sovereign Savior of the world

Now the sky is setting
Turning all the sea to fire
Colors bleed and blend
Like blood and tears that never end

What words can I offer
In the presence of such love
Maker Creator
Sovereign Savior of the world

13. I AM YOURS (4.57)

There’s a crown awaiting me
My True Love’s reward
Made of more than earthly gold
The “well done” of my Lord

I’ll not trade this future prize
For what my eyes now see
There is nothing fairer than
The love You’ve shown to me

You’re the treasure I’ve been seeking
Through the dark and dawn
Help me hear Your word still speaking
Lord help me hold on

I am Yours my Lord
I am Yours my Lord
Through the days and through the years
In this vale of tears
Love will conquer fear
As I declare I am Yours

When I behold You face to face
Dressed in gold and grace
Every sorrow I have sown
Will sing for joy before Your throne

You have loved me from the first
Called me from my shame
Washed me in Your crimson love
And crowned me with Your Name


14. ADON OLAM (5.28)

Adon olam asher malach
B'terem kol y'tzir nivra
L'et na'asah v'cheftzo kol
Azai melech sh'mo nikra

V'acharey kichlot hakol
L'vado yimloch nora
V'hu haya v'hu hoveh
V'hu yih'yeh b'tifara

V'hu echad v'eyn sheni
L'hamshil lo, l'hachbira
B'li reishit b'li tachlit
V'lo ha'oz v'hamisrah

V'hu Eli v'chai go'ali
V'tzur chevli b'et tzarah
V'hu nisi umanos li
M'nat kosi b'yom ekra

B'yado afkid ruchi
B'et ishan v'a'irah
V'im ruchi g'viyati
Adonai li v'lo ira.

He is the eternal Lord who reigned
Before any being was
And at the time when all was made by Him
He was acknowledged as King

And at the end when all shall cease to be
The revered God alone shall still be King
He was He is and He shall ever be
In glorious eternity

He is One there is no other
To compare Him to or place beside
Without beginning and without an end
Power and dominion belong to Him

He is my God my living Redeemer
My Strength in times of distress
He is my Guide and my sure Refuge
My share of bliss the day I call

For unto Him will I entrust my heart
When I sleep and wake and when I depart
For in this world and long beyond the grave
The Lord is with me and I’m not afraid


Review: Clay

"Molded from the passion of this powerfully-melodic singer and songwriter, Clay is sure to touch the heart strings of all who have the blessing to hear it. Sally Klein O'Connor brings forth this wonderful collection of original and traditional songs as only this anointed singer can do. There are so many beautiful songs on this CD that it was hard to choose just a few of my favorites, but through it all some favorites from this release came to me. The title song, Clay exemplifies Sally's desire to be used by the Lord.

With Just a Word, exclaims the Lord's all powerful comfort through life's situations. Throughout my life, Adon Olam, a song sung in every synagogue world-wide at the close of Shabbat service, has brought special life and meaning. Sally captures the life of this timeless Hebraic chant which displays the rich tonality and depth of her voice. Clay will make a great addition to your messianic music collection. Shirley and I give this wonderful CD two shofars up."