Come Meet the Author of Life





It was one of those quite unspectacular days
That sneak up and catch you off guard
The kind that you usually let slip away
Like leaves blowing out of the yard

I was taking my usual brisk morning walk
Through fog you could cut with a knife
Caught a sign in the window of the local bookstore
It said Come Meet The Author Of Life

Come meet the Author of Life
Come bring your husband
Your children your wife
You've read the Book
Now see the Light
Come meet the Author of Life

I tried to imagine the reason he'd come
It must be some publisher's hoax
I don't think God needed the royalties paid
For the huge Bible sales he could coax

What would I say to my Lord face to face
This was crazy and hard not to laugh
Would I kneel down and kiss the hem of His robe
Or ask for His autograph


But the day slipped away as so many days do
The hours raced by in a blur
I did laundry and banking and right after school
Became the kids' private chauffeur

I finally got home collapsed on the couch
Felt a calm that seemed misplaced and odd
Just then I remembered my date with a King
How could I have forgotten my God?

At a minute to nine I was all out of breath
The clerk was just locking the door
He must've heard my heart drop to the street
For he kindly re-opened the store

I said, "Must've been darn near a madhouse today
Big crowds and long lines are the worst."
He said, "We haven't had many people drop by
Actually you are the first."


He was thumbing through Peter and Matthew and Luke
And He motioned me forth with a yawn
Chuckled, "I never tire of reading this book
But sometimes those boys do go on."

I cannot record here His sweetness of voice
There's simply none like it I've heard
Don't ask me to talk of His beautiful face
They haven't invented the words

But I couldn't hold back the anger inside
The town stayed away they all knew
God said, " You almost missed this moment yourself
If I forgive them why can't you?"

Then he opened His arms and He said "Oh my child
You think no one's paid me my due
But nobody stood up your Savior and Lord
I came here today to meet you.”



Who’s that boppin’ down the streets of gold
Beverly Hills Bag Lady
She’s got tired feet but a lotta soul
Beverly Hills Bag Lady

Well she travels cool gotta play the part
Beverly Hills Bag Lady
With her black stretch custom painted shopping cart
Beverly Hills Bag Lady

Not many thrills
But plenty of chills
For Beverly Hills Bag Lady
It’s gotta get old
Sitting out in the cold
But no one’s asked her lately

She sleeps near the homes of the biggest stars
Beverly Hills Bag Lady
But they look at her like she came from Mars
Beverly Hills Bag Lady

She’s got Nieman boxes and Sachs Fifth sacks
Beverly Hills Bag Lady
But she don’t have to pay a dime of income tax
Beverly Hills Bag Lady

Look to the skies but not in her eyes
Her smile is hard to fight off
Reach in your pocket but not in your heart
She’s easier to write off

She doesn’t look like a million
And she doesn’t smell of My Sin
You’d give her a dollar just to go away
But would you take her in
When will we take this woman in?

3.  FROM NOW ON (4:47)

Out on my own
My heart to the wind
Wrestling the world
And getting pinned

Then you called me friend
And love kept me from running
Never saw what was coming
‘Round the bend

From now on hand in hand you and I
From now on we’ll grow dreams that can fly
All my life I’ve stood alone
But in you I’ve found a home
And I know we’ll both be safe inside His love
From now on

Well I’ve had some fears
Both future and past
But you kiss my tears
And say we’ll last

When I see your face
And I look in your eyes
I can tell by your touch
I’ve found my place


And I receive God’s grace
In every warm embrace
And I thank Him for the gift of your love in my life
Yes I thank Him for this gift of you
Yes I thank God for the gift of your love in my life
I thank God for this gift of you


4.  DUSTY IN MY HEART (3:34)

She’s the dream that I awoke with
She’s a deep sigh in the night
She’s the secret smile that lets me know
Everything’s alright

She’s a messenger of mischief
So tickle-ickle-ee
She’s a tousled panorama
With a bandaid on each knee 

And I carry her inside me
Whenever we’re apart
It may be cold and dark outside
But it’s Dusty in my heart

She’s a mass of contradictions
In my once peaceful world
She’s a rosebud needing water
She’s my little girl

She’s the master of her moment
The catch inside my throat
She’s the imp who knows she’s funny
Though she’s never told a joke


As night cloaks her and Teddy
I pray You’ll let me know
When to take her hand, Lord
And when to let her go

It’s not that I don’t want her
To live and learn and grow
I only want to keep her small
A hundred years or so


5.  COME UNTO ME (4:12)

When my heart is feeling cold and empty
And my faith wears paper thin
When I stumble much too tired to walk on
And wonder if the good guys ever win

When it’s hard to find the man I married
Through our temper and tears
Our love doesn’t look the same
And I wonder if this once great romance
Is now just a flicker of the flame 

You say
Come unto Me My yoke is easy
Come unto Me My burden is light
In every valley you ever walk through
I will be right there with you

When my body feels its age and older
And when all of my failures still laugh at my dreams
When I wonder if it’s really worth it
And feel like I’m ripping at the seams


When all I can see is all that I am not
And the cracks in my life seem so wide and so deep
I want to believe you can pave my soul
But the valleys are low and the mountains are steep
So steep



I’ve done some waiting on tables
Sometimes I stand in line
Seems like I’m waiting forever
Feels like I’m doing time

Some people wait for a phone call
Some for a check in the mail
I just sit tight for my Savior
That’s when my ship will sail

I’ve go those long-anticipatin’
Those rapture-without-warning

I’m just a little shareholder
He’s Chairman of the Board
But ‘til my dividend comes I‘m
Biding my time for my Lord

I’ve got those long-anticipatin’
Those guess-I’ll-take-up-plumbing
‘Til-the Second-Coming

Some people wait for perfection
Some for the end of this song
But if you’re waiting for both well
Don’t think you’ll wait too long

I’ve got those long-anticipatin’
Those patience-is-a-thinning
Please send me on vacation
Before the Tribulation
‘Cause I’ve got those


What will they think if I say I love Jesus
What will they do if I say I believe
Will they still like me
Or will they strike me
Call me fanatic and ask me to leave

What will they do if I say I love Jesus
Look at me twice and ask if I’m sane
Maybe they’ll stone me
Or simply disown me
Soap out my mouth ‘cause I mention His Name

But not one of them died for me
Shed his blood to set me free
Though they try to tell me it just can’t be true
I’m holding on to You
Lord I’ll hold on to You

What will you think if I say I love Jesus
And what if I say He loves you too
Will you walk away slowly
Pretend you don’t know me
Or will you consider it just might be true


Through the holes in His hands
I see every tear wiped away
Every hungry heart fed
I see healing coming through
The holes in His hands

Through the holes in His hands
I see old lives become like new
As water turns to wine
Hearts of stone to flesh and blood
Through the holes in His hands

As the night rolled back
From that breathless morn
Rising from the grave
I saw Hope reborn

And Love cast out Fear
As God kissed my face
Breathed into these dying bones
His saving Grace

Through the holes in His hands
I can see what I thought was me
But as my life becomes His
I am learning who I am
Through the holes in His hands

Through the holes in His hands
All the pain of the past will fade
I’m a captive set free
By the love He gives to me
Through the holes in His hands

9.  I JUST WANT TO SEE YOU THERE (5:23) Listen to I Just Want To See You There |

So here we are again another Sunday dinner
I bought the best rosé that I could find
But the silence like the bottle breathes between us
We both know I’ve got much more on my mind

You’d rather sit and talk to me about the weather
And how the soaps have lately got you down
But when I start to talk about forever
I know you’re getting picture without sound

I just want to see you there
Please don’t ask me not to care
I don’t want to sit at His table
Next to an empty chair
I just really want to see you there

I know that you don’t really think I’m blind or crazy
Though sometimes I believe that I must be
What kind of lunatic throws out all reason
And gives her life to someone she can’t see

I wish I had more faith so I could just let go
Or short of that composure to pretend
But I think the time is short and yes I’m scared
I need to know we’ll meet again


So in a quiet moment
Won’t you ask Him if He’s real
Then reach out and touch His face


10.  IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME (5:32) Listen to It's Just A Matter Of Time |

He whispered eternity into my soul
And ransomed my spirit at dawn      
My body is all that he didn’t make whole
Comes a time when it’s time to sail on

So I pack up my satchel of memories
Heaven knows you’ve been good company
My steamer is sealed and this passage was paid
By the One who has sent now for me                     

It’s a voyage that leaves from the port of your heart
With a gentleman’s knock at the door
It’s a lone whistle sounding a welcoming home
You’re sure that you’ve heard once before           
It’s a ride on a raft up the River of Light
It’s a call far too sweet to ignore
It’s just a matter of time
‘til time doesn’t matter anymore

So I thank you for coming and seeing me off
This dock is no place for goodbyes
I’m not afraid of the sunset ahead
‘Cause I’ve already seen the Son rise
I can’t wait to look in His eyes




Perhaps more than any other song Michael and Sally have written, Come Meet The Author of Life has touched a deep chord in many people, across all denominational lines. It speaks of all those opportunities we miss to connect with our Maker because life seems to be in a hurry around us. The first recording for I Just Want To See You There is also on this album. A song that originally was written for Sally's father before he came to faith, it has circulated more than any other single song of theirs. Also included are favorites, Beverly Hills Bag Lady and Waitin' For the King of Jews Blues.