I Want To Make History with You—DVD



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I Want to Make History With You is a full concert DVD that has been over 25 years in the making. It's a compilation of stories and songs through the years from the Michael & Sally O'Connor songbook. Sally not only sings the songs so many have come to love, but she shares the stories behind them. Like the audience who attended this concert in the intimate 49 seat venue of Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood, CA, you may laugh, you may cry—but you won't remain unmoved by the musical moods spun by Sally Klein O'Connor and her band mates Chad Watson and John Krovoza. We hope you enjoy this evening with Sally and the video sample below as much as we loved bringing this dream to fruition.




  1. Soul Arise
  2. Come Meet The Author Of Life
  3. Hey God, Are You Talking' To Me?
  4. Let Me Be Your Eyes
  5. From Now On
  6. I Want To Make History With You
  7. Dusty In My Heart
  8. Shine
  9. Clay
  10. The Distance
  11. It's Just A Matter Of Time
  12. I Wish I Could Hear The Applause
  13. Help Me Finish Well
  14. Come And Follow Me
     Running Time: 2 Hours