Soul Arise



1.  Soul Arise

Many nights I sought You, Lord
For a taste of Heaven’s dew
Emptied hopes and dreams into
A pool of tears
Waiting for a word from You

Soul Arise
Love is calling to You
Don’t despise
His mercies ever new
He is near to those who call
When we stand and when we fall
Soul Arise

Shadows reign where once was light
And Love was King—not Fear
Make me strong again my God
Give me eyes to see
Fear will leave when You draw near

2.  Kaddish

Magnify and sanctify His Name For by His word the universe was framed When no star as yet was born Nor was any creature formed He reigned alone in majesty The King of all eternity O magnify and sanctify His Name

Yitgadal v’yitkadash sh’mei rabah
O praise His holy name forevermore

When His kingdom comes with righteousness and peace
Creation will experience release
Then the curse will be removed
As all nature is renewed
The nations will be gathered in
His people will be freed from sin
O magnify and sanctify His name

May lasting peace from heaven be revealed
For us and all the house of Israel
When the pierced One returns
And the House of David mourns
To recognize the Son of Man
Who came and now has come again
O magnify and sanctify His name

Blessed, praised and glorified be He
Both now and throughout all eternity
Though our words be weak and lame
We will magnify His name
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
O magnify and sanctify His name

3.  You Alone O God Listen to You Alone O God |

(in remembrance of Dave Denney)
You alone O God know the measure of my days
You alone O God know the longing in my gaze
You number each hair on my head
Hear the words of every prayer I’ve said

You alone O God know the secrets of my soul
You alone O God know the seeds that I have sewn
You treasure each tear I have cried
And grieve for every dream that died

Higher than the stars in the sky
Deeper than the sea
Who can fathom Your mystery

You alone O God saw my body taking form
You alone O God will be there to take me home
You’ve led me in every good way
Your kindness I cannot repay

All I’ve been and ever will be
Lives because You died for me

4.  Deliver Me

You are the God who parted the sea
Declared the year of Jubilee
You gave us bread from Heaven
Called water out of stone

You are the God who sent fire as rain
Purged a people of sin’s dark stain
You turn the hearts of nations
Only You can save—

I know You will deliver me
From all my fears You will set me free
Hear my prayer through this flood of tears
I look to You to deliver me—
Deliver me

You are the God whose word took on form
Walked on water and stilled the storm
Tender in Your fierceness
Redeeming through the pain

You see me in the darkness
And hear the words I never say
You hold me when I’m breaking
Your mercy makes me stay

5.  Carried To The Table

Wounded and forsaken, I was shattered by the fall
Broken and forgotten, feeling lost and all alone
Summoned by the King into the Master’s courts
Lifted by the Savior and cradled in His arms

I was carried to the table
Seated where I don’t belong
Carried to the table
Swept away by His love

And I don’t see my brokenness anymore
When I’m seated at the table of the Lord
I’m carried to the table
The table of the Lord

Fighting thoughts of fear, wondering why He called my name
Am I good enough to share this cup, this world has left me lame
Even in my weakness, the Savior called my name
In His holy presence, I am healed and unashamed

6.  Love Is Walking Love Is Walking |

Pictures of a people
Nameless faces
Where did all of them go
Piles of their shoes
Still with laces
Doesn’t anyone know

Roses on the tracks
Rocks on the gravestones
We cry, “Never Again.”
I can’t help but wonder
If Time will ever heal the pain

Love is walking
Love is calling
Flowers lean into His wake
A fragrance sweet released
With every breath He takes

Love is walking
Love is calling
Through these fields of hate
Where tears and ashes
Still mix and touch and wait

Scars upon the land
Bear silent witness
To a sin once concealed
Can there be redemption
In this generation
For a wound that won’t heal

I read about the rain
That falls like a blessing
On good and bad men the same
I’m wondering if Your mercy
Can wash away the shame

Love is walking
Love is calling
To hearts still broken by loss
There’s a healing
Found only in the cross

Love is walking
Love is calling…

7.  Imago Dei

Dust and ashes swirl in breath
Imago Dei
Formed by love and knit with joy
Imago Dei
Each being blest with form and with grace
Imago Dei
The breath of God to kiss the face
Imago Dei

Dei, Dei
Written in dust
Image of God

Who can say one’s more or less
Imago Dei
Created through His boundless love
Imago Dei
What keeps us from becoming a beast
Imago Dei
His order to make great the least
Imago Dei

In the image of the most High God
Each and every one is made
Hands that cradled
Hands that sculpted us
To be—Imago Dei

8.  His Love Covers

All the candles burning brightly as we now proclaim
Blessed is the Lord our God, holy is His Name
There is none like Him on earth, below or far above
Countless are the stars in Heaven, measureless His love

Wise men journeyed far to see a King that was foretold
Shepherds heard the angels say, “Glory to the Lord!”
Wrapped in flesh His promise kept, the Holy One was born
To a world that won’t believe God’s word took human form

Rejoice my friends, rejoice—now at last we see
Though enemies pursue us still—His love covers you and me

Holy is the Lord our God, He is still the same
Salvation comes from no one else, by no other name
As each candle slowly dies a single light still shines
Burning in the hearts of all His pure love refines

Rejoice, my friends, rejoice—now at last we see
Though enemies pursue us still—His love covers you and me

Light of the world set each soul aflame
Let wonder and joy fill each earthly frame
Higher than the heavens, deeper than the sea
Is the love that came to live in us and set us free

9.  Christ In Me The Hope Of Glory

Let me live no longer to satisfy myself
For a holy fire within
Lights the darkness in the hollow of my heart
Revealing all of my sin

There’s an eternal seed my Lord planted in me
In His love it greens and grows
With every whispered word I feel my spirit stir
As the wind of Heaven blows

Sweet sound of His voice that unlocks Evil’s chains
I’m no longer bound
I’ll not cower afraid or hide my face in shame
I am finally found
In His love I’m crowned

Christ in me the hope of glory
The Holy One has sent His Son
And I rejoice before my King
Who taught my soul this song to sing

I wandered far chasing many foolish dreams
When what I hungered for was near
To know the One, the Father’s only Son,
And live in hope—not fear

Now I stand still clothed in this frail flesh and bone
Burning in my soul
For a glimpse beyond this pale mortal veil
Where greater life unfolds
And I am finally whole

10. Shine

(for Bonnie Joy)
She’s a warrior and she doesn’t even know it
She’s in love and she’s not afraid to show it
There’s a child in this woman
Who’s known all along she’s called to—

Shine—in the midst of darkness
Shine—with the love of Jesus
Shine—for the world to see
How beautiful is the One who set(s) us free

It’s a battlefield and everybody’s hurting
It’s a war and many are deserting
There’s crowds of broken people
Who have never known the way to—

Rejoice, rejoice
For His favor’s on you
Songs of joy fill your heart to sing
Don’t fear the night
He is always with you
There’s nothing greater than His love
To lift you up and make you—

11. Love Is Reaching

Love is reaching for the lost and for the lame
Love is reaching for the grieving and the shamed
Stretched across all time and story
Calling us to come
All the burdened and the broken find their healing in the Son

Love is reaching for the blind who say they see
Love is reaching for the righteous who don’t need
Wounded by our sin and pride
Forgiving as He died
Mercy streaming, never-ceasing from His hands and feet and side

Every soul seeking will find
Life from the dead, Joy divine
All who hunger will eat
Those who thirst will not ever run dry
He’s calling—

Love is reaching for the outcast and the king
Love is reaching for the heart that cannot sing
Holding out His arms to those who struggle to believe
He’s the mercy of the Father
Come to set His children free

12. Oseh Shalom/The Lord Bless You

(My prayer for Germany, Poland, and all the people and nations still living in the shadow of the Holocaust, from Numbers 6:24-26)
The Lord bless you
And keep you
The Lord bless and keep you and me
And make His face
To shine—upon yours and mine

The Lord turn His
Eyes on you
And be gracious to us both
And grant His peace—to all
Who call on Him                              
And grant His peace—to all
Who call on Him